Foreword by IDW Sonic artist Tracy Yardley!

Nearly three decades of Sonic the Hedgehog fandom condensed into 34 pages of craven lunacy, with a particular focus on the antics of the portly profligate, Dr. Robotnik.

The very best Sonic the Hedgehog art and comics from Stuart Gipp, with stacks and stacks of brand-new material that runs the gamut from hilarious to deeply troubling. No explanations will be forthcoming. 

This comic book is resolutely not appropriate for children

With contributions from Leeann Hamilton, Andrew Congers, Michael Stephenson, @hannahdouken, ShayMay, Salem Sloane, Dal Mishey and Claire Ryan.

34 pages, full colour, PDF

I’ve been working on this comic for two years and a few months through some of the worst times I’ve ever had. It’s the prologue to something bigger and more crowd-pleasing, and it’s a harrowing, extremely niche deepest lore introduction to a much better story.

If you’ve been on the Gipp train for a long while (and if so, thanks), you’ll probably see some familiar l@@k r@re characters in this one. You’ll also see characters you don’t recognise, because you can’t. This is a real exhumation. More of an exorcism.

I realise I am putting INORDINATE seriousness and importance on this 24 page MS Paint comic full of dick jokes, but it genuinely, earnestly means a terrific amount to me. If it remains only to me, that’s totally fine. This is my personal celebration of ten years making dumb shit.

It’s also my personal apology for some of the less acceptable content I’ve put out. And I don’t mean crude, callous humour – I love that and always will – I’m talking about stuff that will become clear when/if you read. Thank you either way.

Anyway, it’ll be out soon and it’ll be free. Hopefully you will enjoy it on some level. It is impossible to enjoy throughout. This is by design and I am fully aware of it. Cheers.

24 pages, full colour, CBR

In this brand new sixth instalment of Overfiend Archives, find 183 (!!) pages packed full of searing honesty, rank stupidity and filth of all descriptions.

IMPORTANT: This book repackages material from the now-deleted “I’m Really Sorry: Inktober Sketchbook 2018”, “Can I Get a Hell Year” and “The Rustic Year Closes”.

183 pages, full colour, CBR

It’s here! The fifth archival book catching up with Overfiend Comics! Yes, the first ten years of Stuart Gipp’s wretched MS Paint abortion are all now available in digital ebook form! And this is the biggest one yet, with 144 pages of comics carnage! Complete your collection today!

144 pages, full colour, CBR

If you buy this, your sex life WILL improve! It’s the fourth of five volumes collecting the first ten years of Overfiend Comics, with 62 pages of comics from the years 2014 and 2015 – plus one from 2012 that I forgot to include with the 2012 book! Whoopsie-doodle! Bolster that Overfiend Collection today!

62 pages, full colour, CBR

An offer you can’t purr-fuse! The complete archives of Overfiend Comics reach their very middle with this third of five volumes! 68 pages of comics from the banner years 2012 and 2013!  Jason Voorhees! Axl Rose! Don Cat! And many returning favourites like Thomas the Tanked Engine and Chester Overfiend! Buy! Buy! Buy!

68 pages, full colour, CBR

The complete archives of Overfiend Comics continue with this second of five volumes! 52 pages of comics from 2010 and 2011! Julian Assange! Charles Bukowski! Mitch Pie-Leggi! The complete Young Jigsaw saga! All this and more!!

52 pages, full colour, CBR

Witness how it all began! Overfiend Comics from the dot – 101 pages of comics from 2008 and 2009. The first of a series of books collecting ALL of Overfiend Comics to date!

101 pages, full colour, CBR


Just kidding. Please ignore Our Gamer over here. This is my biggest book, 151 pages of gaming carnage from Overfiend Comics. An extensive bonus sections includes archive stuff like the extremely lazy Zelda LOL series and the complete Leanix Wright Trilogy. But to even get that far, you’ve got to go through over 80 pages of comics and cartoons in the key of videogaming.

151 pages, full colour, CBR

The complete, remastered collection of 26 mean-spirited videogame humour comics as originally run from 2012-2015 on Gamecola. Includes bonus material that didn’t make it past the editor first time around.

20 pages, full colour, CBR/PDF

A collection of both “Nothing Will Ever Be Okay” and “FRAUD”, a non-linear story of fear, pain, anger and sadness.

2 x 16 pages, full colour, CBR/PDF

The complete (to date) run of Game F**k, my incredibly sardonic, deeply unpleasant and occasionally funny gaming webcomic from almost a decade ago. You know Video Nasties? This is a webcomic nasty. I can’t in good conscience recommend it, though there are strips in there I still think are funny. Look, it’s full of horrid rape and cancer jokes I would never make these days. Er, read at your peril. Cover art by Seumidh MacDonald.

48 comics and a metric ton of extras including audio commentary on both series’ as well as loads of art, extra comics etc. Trust me, it’s a lot of stuff. Zip files, mixed format.

Dear god no. It’s all 400 episodes of Sprites in Limbo, and its spin-offs. Why is it twenty quid? Because it’s incredibly niche, aimed largely at people who used to read it and fancy a trip down memory lane. New customers are going to get nothing out of it at all! It also includes my even older sprite comic, Phonics and Nicholls, from 2003. As if this product wasn’t already alienating enough!

It’s very offensive, very puerile, very petty, very angry, very hateful and, occasionally, very funny.

NONE of the views expressed in Sprites in Limbo reflect my current views on ANYTHING. I haven’t asked permission to use anyone’s sprites here, but I didn’t in the first place because it’s stupid when people edit someone else’s work then get mad at people for editing it in turn.

So if you wanna read SiL again and relive those halcyon days of the Sonic the Comic Online forum… you gotta pay.

400 comics and a huge number of atrocious extras, including spin-offs and myriad bonus comics. Zip file, mixed format.

The complete run of my 2005-2011 webcomic Omakii, itself a spin-off of another comic (not made by me!) named Katziinated.

A lot of this stuff shames me as the horny adolescent I was, but some of it is funny and it’s an important comic to me, so here it is.

WARNING: This comic is horny. And I cannot draw, so there’s a lot of badly-drawn horny stuff – boobs, asses and the very tip of one erect penis. Some of it is parody of DeviantArt/scene fetishes, some of it isn’t, some of it blurs the line. Nothing said reflects my current views.

All characters (c) their original creators.

Many, many comics. Zip file, mixed format.